Avatar Badgermoles

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Massive, subterranean mammals known to be native to the Springtime Planet of Fanrong, Badgermoles spend the majority of their time underground, but it can be presumed that they may spend some of their time on the surface. It is unknown what they eat, but like real-life badgers and moles, they may be omnivores or insectivores.

Utterly blind, Badgermoles nonetheless have no issue navigating their environment, and they appear to possess a "Seismic Sense" similar to Toph Bei Fong. The original users of Earthbending, Badgermoles utilize this art to tunnel through the ground, and are said to have taught humans to use its techniques.


Possessed of massive size, every Badgermole has a white patch on the face which extends into a long stripe down the back to their broad, flat tail, framed by two narrower black stripes. Their legs are short and sturdy, and while all four feet are hairless, the back pair are narrow and almost birdlike, while the front pair are broad, clawed, and almost shovel- or spadelike. Despite, or perhaps due to their blindness, Badgermoles use at the least an approximate match to Toph Bei Fong's Seismic Sense in order to navigate their tunnels.


While their feeding habits and social nature amongst each other are unknown, Badgermoles can be seen to be unafraid of intelligent races and are surprisingly docile, friendly creatures. If one individual's interaction with Toph Bei Fong is an indication, then they greet recognized figures by sniffing, then licking the other's face.


Avatar Oma Shu Badgermole

Two humans alongside a Badgermole.

As the original Earthbending race, it can be presumed that Badgermoles are highly potent should they need to use the art in combat situations or for hunting possible prey items.

However, thus far, Badgermoles have only been referenced as and personally seen using this technique to tunnel through the earth. It is possible that Badgermoles never use Earthbending to fight.

Seismic Sense: Likely as it may be that Badgermoles use a slightly different version of this ability than Toph Bei Fong, it nonetheless achieves the same result of allowing them to clearly "see" their surroundings despite their total blindness.


  • Badgermoles are among the largest terrestrial creatures of BZPB, or at least for the matter of how peaceful and gentle they seem to be.