Commanders: Makuta Blackout, Zev Raregroove, Malygos
Blackout's Goal: Capture Malygos, defeat Zev.
Zev's Goal: Defend base.
Blackout's Army: Rahkshi, Exo-Toa, war Rahi (Blade Dragons, Frost Vultures, Acid Tunnellers), demons, several Makuta (including Kakamu, Xintrix, Jerok, Grahmah, Ferox)
Zev's Army: Gnoll, dragons, other unknown types of soldiers.
Winner: Blackout's forces.
Aftermath: Zev's forces severely weakened, Malygos once again became Blackout's ally.

The Battle of Zev's HQ took place when Malygos defected to Zev Raregroove and tried to blow up Destral. This made Blackout very angry, and he gathered his forces and attacked Zev's headquarters. He won.

Due to Blackout's use of the Vahi Cube/BZP losing six months' worth of posts due to a server problem, all records of this battle have vanished.

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