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Captain Deathsaurus


Old enough to remember the Void Millenium

Power rating

Unclear, enough to take on Zev Raregroove


Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher


Blue, red, silver, gold








A robot tiger and a robot eagle


His crew, anyone he deems trustworthy


Zev Raregroove, Yon, Keichi, Ravat, Vok

Deathsaurus, aka Shadow Stealer, is a VERY old Cybertronian space pirate. So old in fact, that he actually remembers the Void Millenium.


After the end of the Void Millenium, Deathsaurus attempted many times to kill Zev Raregroove for some reason, and failed every time.

Some time later, he found three ships and surrounded Yon, telling him to surrender and hand over his ship for some reason. Yon didn't listen, and the two got into a fight which ended when Deathsaurus rammed Yon's ship, which made Yon run away. DS then vanished yet again, as is his habit.

Later he competed with Malygos and some pirates loyal to him to find a map to a treasure. The treasure turned out to be a myth used by Xavalis, who had his own agenda, and Deathsaurus ended up fighting Keichi, and then gazillions of ships User:Hyperupgrad magically conjured up.

He reappeared again and attacked Keichi. Unfortunately for DS, Keichi was being helped out by Ravat, who beat DS up, mocked him and imprisoned him in Kihh.

At some point, he escaped, gathered a new crew, including Deadbolt and R-Blade, and went after the Keruvim. To accomplish this goal, he ambushed Klak, Nadle, Perseus and many other people in a forest. Klak casually mentioned Keichi, and Deathsaurus went berserk. Klak then offered DS an alliance, and DS accepted: Klak helps DS get the Keruvim, DS helps Klak live. This apparently caused a ceasefire, though both parties were planning to betray the other. Deathsaurus, though, had an advantage: he had a device which allowed him to hear Klak and Nadle's telepathic communications.

At which point Blackout appeared and tried to kill everyone and take the Keruvim for himself. While this battle was taking place, Deathsaurus and his crew decided to get away, but not without leaving a parting gift for Klak and Nadle: trapping them in their worst nightmares. After Kakamu blew off Blackout's head, Deathsaurus came back and stole the Keruvim, which made Keichi very angry. Everyone then decided to hunt him down.

It seems that, while no one was looking, Perseus got the Keruvim back. Deathsaurus then disappeared for a long time, and then formed the Argenta Guild in conjunction with fellow pirate Amareta. After that, he went off the radar again, until Deadbolt told him of a cow called Kartouche which he thought could have important information. During this conversation, Deathsaurus revealed his plan to R-Blade: to find the Keruvim and use it as a tool of intimidation. They then travelled to Teruga Prime. On the way, he was slapped by a mysterious one-eyed man who then disappeared.