Species: Makuta
Mask: None
Weapons: Claws
Color: Blue, Black, Gray
Side: Brotherhood of Makuta
Character controlled by: King of Nynrah (Legoguy2805)
Status: Alive

Makuta Grahmah is described as one of the most powerful Makuta. For this reason, he was recruited into the Battle of Zev's HQ. Tens of years earlier, Grahmah lured Rabot into Tren Krom's cave, turning him insane, until he was cured. Grahmah is Rabot's arch enemy.

When Blackout decided to attack the Fellowship of Kakamu, Grahmah and several other Makuta were beamed aboard their ship. He was working on Darkmount until its destruction. His current status and whereabouts are unknown, though he may be working for the ZFT.