Species: Makuta
Mask: Crast, Mask of Repulsion
Weapons: Unknown
Color: Red, Black
Side: Brotherhood of Makuta
Character controlled by: King of Nynrah (Legoguy2805)
Status: Deceased
Jerok was a jerk a Makuta who fought in the Battle of Zev's HQ. His armour was crushed by a Gnoll captain in the war when Kakamu threw him down to the battlefield. He disappeared after the war but later possessed a Maxilos robot. He tracked down Kakamu to get revenge but Kakamu got a Jetrax T6 and destroyed the Maxilos. Jerok's antidermis evaporated before he could find a new body, killing him. He died a JERoK's death.

Trivia Edit

  • If you remove the "o" from "Jerok", it spells "jerk". In fact, during his laughably short life, he was a jerk.