Species: Vortixx
Mask: None
Weapons: Unknown, if any
Color: Gold, Platinum
Side: Self-affiliated
Character controlled by: Silver-Silver/Zev, -Blackout-
Status: Deceased

Liquid Ocelot is a Vortixx, head of the Hand of Ocelot, and creator of Zev Raregroove's current body. However, Ocelot decided to pull a fast one, and had Zev's memories erased; when Zev's amnesia wore off, this is what inspired him to rebel. He is physically described as "possessing gold and platinum armour, cruelly sharp features and wearing a platinum coat and wire-frame glasses". After an apparent death at the hands of Blackout, he escaped to Pulse, and impersonated its prime minister. Very little is known about his activities during this period. He sent several of his experiments to an unknown planet, where they engaged the forces of Blackout and Zev. He promptly revealed himself to Blackout, and became a wanted man by him ever since. He went after Zev in his guise as "Eclipse Metaltron", only to be discovered and his body destroyed when Zev ripped off his platinum arm, which was his weak spot. He survived as a cloud of energy, took over Zev's ship in order to get to Dragku as quickly as possible, possessed Zev himself, and headed to a night crystal mine, and used one of the night crystals to recreate his body, only to be severely injured by Zev and captured by Blackout. He was then proven guilty of mass murder, unauthorized genetic experiments, impersonation of Pulse prime minister, assault, and two cases of planetary destruction, and sentenced to 25,000 years in Impel Down. However, he continues to retain some kind of influence, as he managed to manipulate the Shadow Proclamation into arresting Zev.

Later, Liquid Ocelot was confronted by Blackout during the Makuta leader's invasion of Impel Down, and was killed when Blackout blasted him with plasma and slashed off his platinum arm. Blackout then took the severed arm as a trophy.

By trophy, we mean he tossed it into a black hole.

Trivia Edit

  • Liquid Ocelot's real name is Adamska Shalashaska, and when he was younger, he was known as Revolver Ocelot for his unbelieveably skilled use of revolvers with special abilities.
  • Liquid has attained a kind of immortality by sealing his soul into his silver arm; this is why Zev ripped that arm off when he was preparing to kill Liquid. As long as that arm exists, Liquid can simply use alchemy to break down nearby matter and reconstruct it into a new body.