Species: Vortixx (formerly), Experiment
Mask: None
Weapons: Electrified extra arms, plasma launchers
Color: Silver, Black
Side: Hand of Ocelot
Character controlled by: -Blackout-
Status: Deceased

Maelstrom is one of Liquid Ocelot's experiments and one of his lieutenants. He was originally a Vortixx who was captured by Liquid Ocelot and fused with a robot, which caused him to assume his present form. Thirty-two thousand years later, he found out who was responsible for the capture of Liquid Ocelot: Zev Raregroove and Blackout, and decided to get revenge on them, and headed for Judoon, where he was captured and sent to Impel Down.

Later, during Blackout's invasion of Impel Down, Maelstrom was killed when a Rahkshi fired a blast of sonics at him, which severely damaged his brain. His body was then taken on board Darkmount to be studied.