Species: Makuta
Members: Ynot, Sasuken, Asumaru, Hokagetsu, Kurenitsu, Trixitin
Color: Various (Changes frequently)
Side: Order
Character controlled by: Ynot
Status: Alive

The Makuta Anima are a special group of Makuta lead by Makuta Ynot. This group of Makuta does not possess Shadow powers, but instead, a unique element to each member.

Members Edit

Members of the Makuta Anima include the following:

  • Ynot: Leader and most powerful of the group
  • Sasuken: Team Pilot and second in command
  • Hokagetsu: Martial Artist and comedic relief
  • Asumaru: Strong man and usually has the "gung-ho' approach to situations
  • Trixitin: Team Sorcerer and usually the deciding vote in situations where Ynot is away
  • Kurenitsu: Illusionist and voice of reason on the team

Honorary members Edit

Honorary members are those that work closely with the Anima, but are not actual members of the team. These include

Trivia Edit

  • The majority of the Anima's names are based off characters or aspects from the anime/manga Naruto.
  • The name of the Anima was originally supposed to be a play on Anime, like the members' names', but Ynot later learned the definition of the word, and thinking it fit, left it the same.
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