Species: Human
Mask: None
Weapons: Teleportation ray, disintegrator ray
Color: Silver
Side: Freelancer
Character controlled by: King of Nynrah (Legoguy2805)
Status: Deceased

Monarch is a genius and attempted universal conqueror. He started overpowering superpowered individuals and capturing them while in his robotic suit made of Void Armour. He started to build an army of them. Kakamu was beamed aboard Monarch's ship, which was travelling in-between dimensions at that time. Blackout followed the teleportation signal there and transported Kakamu back. Blackout teleported Monarch to a nearby planet and fought him. Zev Raregroove also travelled to that planet and aided Blackout by casting a spell which made Monarch see multiple Blackouts. Battered after the fight, Monarch fled into nearby woods.

Monarch then tried to gather his army once again, only to be forced to once again escape when his army rebelled and took over his ship. Blackout then took over the helm and crashed the ship into Monarch, killing the human, and leaving the ship to drift in interdimensional space.