Monarch's ship was a ship used by the human genius Monarch. He used it to kidnap hundreds of powerful beings from all over the multiverse. This was successful, until the Brotherhood of Makuta became involved.

Its leader, Blackout, responded to the kidnapping of his chief scientist Kakamu by fighting Monarch on an unknown planet, and defeating him. Monarch then made an attempt to continue to gather his army, only to be forced to once again escape when his army rebelled and took over his ship. Blackout then took over the helm and crashed the ship into Monarch, killing the human, and leaving the ship to drift in interdimensional space.

The ship was later rediscovered by Kakamu and used to attack Destral, only for Blackout to use a new weapon, causing the ship and everyone on board to lose their dimensional stability, leaving it and them teleporting around the multiverse. The ship itself landed in the Toa Empire Pocket Dimension, where it crashed and was destroyed.