A planet that was originally a Chozo world, Neo Z'traa later became a Vrai colony.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Chozo went extinct, this planet, then known as SR389, was left uninhabited, save for its native flora and fauna. It wasn't until centuries later that the crumbling Vrai empire chose that world as its new colony. It has since been populated by scattered Vrai cities, and renamed as Neo Z'traa.

In the Uterio War, one city near the jungle was attacked for its proximity to a protodermis mine, one of the last few remaining on the planet. Ultimately, the Vrai could not keep their precious exsidian, and abandoned the city.

It is unknown how many more mines there are left around the planet.

Later, after gaining control of Omega Supreme, Blackout and Osseron attacked the planet in an attempt to erase its population. While this attempt was unsuccessful, and Omega Supreme was destroyed by Ynot, many Vrai were killed, an entire continent was turned into a radioactive wasteland, and the planet itself was turned into a cube by Osseron shooting antimatter at it.

The survivors of these conflicts are few, and they are presently migrating to a safer side of the cube planet.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The planet's original name was an homage to an old Chozo world. When the Vrai took over, the new name was an homage to an old Vrai world.
  • One of the original concerns of the Rebel Alliance was that the Vrai would use the protodermis as a power source for a new machine of conquest. However, they only secured ONE mine. Still, after the beatings they have received in recent battles, they probably won't want to fight any wars for a long time.
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