This article is about the planet. For the being, see Pulse (being).

Pulse is a planet located in Grid 847-X. It possesses a large quantity of infidium. Liquid Ocelot impersonated its prime minister for a time, until he was unmasked by Blackout.

Pulse is a planet of medium size, covered by rolling grasslands but with craggy mountains at the poles. Its landscape is occasionally dotted by giant, sentient, almost omniscient crystals; these crystals seek to bring about great change, but whether this change is for good or for evil is unknown.

The main residents of Pulse, humanoid creatures that have settled from other planets, live in gigantic floating cities/fortresses. The largest of these is the city of Coccoon, which is also where all Prime Ministers establish their seat of power. Much like the Aztecs, the Prime Ministers would all build onto the main castle, and, subsequently, the main city as they enter office; this has resulted in Coccoon's magnificent architecture and giant size.

Everyone in the floating cities are terrified of anything from the surface, and this fear has only grown with the removal of Ocelot from power. Martial law has been indefinitely enforced, though a powerful Resistance has grown.

Anything or anyone from the surface is locked away from the public, because of an irrational fear of the Crystals, known in native tongue as Qiae. The crystals will occasionally choose someone to carry out their plans of change, and this person is then known as an l'Qiae. One woman, Lightning, is the current l'Qiae, and is fighting with the resistance to end the tyrannical martial rule on Coccoon.