Species: Toa
Mask: Volitak, Mask of Stealth
Weapons: Sonic Vibration Clubs
Color: Silver, Black
Side: Toa Yerta
Character controlled by: King of Nynrah (Legoguy2805)
Status: Alive. 
Toa Rabot is a Toa of Sonics who was a member of the Order of Mata Nui. He worked with Kakamu when he was a Toa. Years later he was following Makuta Grahmah but was lured into Tren Krom's cave and he turned insane. He was cured some time later. Many years after that, he formed a Toa team,

The MOC version of Rabot

the Toa Yerta, and went to fight in the Toa/Skakdi War created by Blackout and Malygos. There he briefly encountered Mocax, who kicked him back. He defeated him. Millennia later, he was found (alive) by Tahar'ok floating through space. After being reunited with his team they went around defeating evil and the like. Shortly after they beat 'the real KoN' they were told to fly to the Icy Planet to investigate rumours that the Great Beings were invading the multiverse. They fought Serecio and were beaten, then dropped into energized protodermis and transformed.

Alternate Universes Edit

  • In an alternate universe, Rabot killed Kakamu, although this never appeared in the storyline.