Species: Agori
Mask: None
Weapons: 2 wide blades which can be used as shields (abandoned)
Color: Orange, Black
Side: Fire Tribe (formerly)
Character controlled by: King of Nynrah - Kakamu
Status: Deceased

Tratus was a Fire Agori. He was Tarnok's blocker in the arena matches. Once, while trading for armour with Berix, he encountered Qantus and was teleported to Roxtus.

When confronted by Kakamu, Tratus attempted to find a way to get out of Roxtus, only to be attacked by Blackout. The Fire Agori was knocked out cold, and, in order to make sure that he would not interfere, Blackout tossed him through a portal which led to inter-dimensional space. He was later found by the Fellowship of Kakamu, who put him in the Realm of Darkness with the Guardian Fire Spear and the Daran. There he was confronted by the Zivon.

Later it was revealed that, during his stay in the Realm of Darkness, Tratus duplicated Kakamu's consciousness and launched it out of the Realm.

Later still, shortly after almost everyone got trapped in an illusion on Darkmount, Tratus was able to steal a Vrai ship and escape. He arrived at Mata Nui II, and, along with lots of other people, started fighting Blackout's forces.

When everyone left, Tratus remained, and began firing at Ricochet when he appeared. He was then torn apart by a cat.