This article is about the book called ZFT. For the organization named after the book, see ZFT (organization).

ZFT, also known by its full name, Zerstörung durch Fortschritte der Technologie, or the English translation Destruction by Advancement of Technology is a book written by The Architect. It contains the Architect's predictions of the future, and tells of the war called The Reckoning and the events that caused it.

After its completion, the original of ZFT was stolen by Thomas Jerome Newton and sent to the past, where many people were convinced to believe in its predictions. These people created an organization named after the book.

Known versesEdit

  • "And so the rebels struck a blow against the General and the false god who served him. But this victory came at a price. Many years later, at the rising of the morning sun, he looked back upon that moment and found that shadow had taken root in his heart. He fought it, but to no avail, and turned on those he once called friends. He became that which he fought against. And so the universe was forced to choose the lesser of two fates"
    • This verse was most likely just an invention of David Robert Jones.
  • "The war against the Generalissimo is the war of the characters: however, the Users must also play their part, in overthrowing Black Six. It is a pivotal point in the prelude to the Reckoning: should they fail to do so, or attempt to do so and fail, the Great Beings would continue using him to limit the Users' powers. Should they succeed, they would be able to use their powers against the Generalissimo's forces, and eventually Blackout."